Choosing Your Decorative Finish

Here are some example finishes for your external wall insulation. We can provide these and other finishes so please get in touch to view what is available.

Silicone Finish

Silicone texture finish is the latest advancement in render technology, offering unparalleled and outstanding performance over traditional renders.
Silicone render is a fully breathable, crack-resistant render that provides excellent resistance to water, dirt and air pollutants and retains its colour and cleanliness for unparalleled periods of time.

silicone finish insulation render external wall insulation

brick effect render for external wall insulation
Brick Effect Render

Brick Effect Render is a polymer-modified two coat cement-based render designed to simulate the appearance of conventional brickwork.
It is suitable for full area coverage or to create features such as soldier courses, quoins, etc.
The render is applied to achieve standard UK brick sizes but can also be cut to varying sizes to create alternate decorative effects.

Dry Dash

Dry Dashing is a traditional decorative technique popular throughout the UK and provides a durable, cost effective maintenance-free finish.
Dry Dash incorporates pre-washed Dashing Aggregate which incorporate different types and colours of stones that are blended together and are applied to a specially formulated, self-coloured Dashing Base Coat offering enhanced performance over traditional sand/ cement renders.

dry dash aggregate for external wall insulation

Brick Slips for external wall insulation
Brick Slips

Brick Slips are the latest advance in simulated brickwork for building facades and equally suitable for flat or curved surfaces and are a cost effective way to replicate the look, feel and durability of brick walling. Facing bricks are available in standard UK sizes and in bespoke sizes to create features, quoins and other architectural designs to further enhance the facade.