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Weatherseal were contacted by the system provider (Dryvit) as the property had experienced various issues since construction and the client was seeking a resolution to the weathering and aesthetic problems.

I met the client and discussed options and we agreed on an approach to alter certain design elements (ie install of aluminium cappings) to provide a robust and weatherproof detail to key elevations. Other areas were inspected and the scope of works was agreed to suit the issues found with all prices, works and material provided to suit actual requirements. All areas were cleaned and inspected with various options undertaken including overcoating, repainting render cappings and complete removal of render and repairs to insulation with replacement render to the most exposed and problematic elevation.

Weatherseal arranged scaffold and in conjunction with the client we agreed areas and sequences to ensure we made best use of weather conditions and achieved the striking façade that the design now exhibits.

We are pleased to have assisted the client to resolve the problems found and give them the property their design and investment deserve.

  • Client: Domestic Client
  • Completed Date: August 21, 2020
  • Budget: £20K
  • Duration: 1 Mth
  • Categories: Building, Facades, Insulated Render, Refurbishment Facades, Render
  • Tags: Facades, Refurbishment Facade, render